In 1969 Mr. Andreas Insinger, from Regensburg, manifested his interest in an industrial plant in Neunburg vorm Wald, in order to realize his idea to establish a wire drawing plant. Insinger was not unknown because after his father-in-law, Mr. Hummel, he supplied, as a wholesaler, several electric shops. At this time he had already established a second electric wholesale in Amberg. He was assured and supported by his wife Kamilla. She grew up in the parent electric wholesale and therefore the business sense was already put into her cradle.

Just in the style of well-known enterprises, whose names base on the abbreviations of the business founders, even ANKA-Draht Andreas Insinger GmbH & Co. KG got its name by the founders Andreas and Kamilla Insinger. Already with surrendering the plans of approval for the new plant with the name "ANKA", the new plans for the second stage of construction were brought to paper. In September 1971 the production of copper wires and copper strands was taken in with 10 employees.

In 1976 the first extention of the plant was finished. At the same time a third stage of construction for the strands production machines as well as logistics was in full progress. As a consequence the production area was extended from 2,000m² to 3,000m². The state of employees rose to 35 members within 4 years. This development continued constantly in the following time.

Even one year later the second stage of construction was finished. The production area was doubled to 6,000m². Also the number of employees doubled and rose to 70.

In 1983 the plant was enlarged to 10,000m² with the completation of the third stage of construction. 30 additional employees of Neunburg and the surrounding area were hired. The new state of employees grew to 100 members.

The fourth and largest stage of construction was finished in 1986. Then 15,000m² of production area was available. The necessity to enlarge the state of employees to 130 was given. At this time Mr. Insinger´s son, Andreas, entered the firm as a managing director.

Until 1998 the administrative building was extended over one further etage. Also the store front got a new design. Additionally a hall was built, planned as a new wirestorage for intermediate products. So the production area rose to 17,000m². At this time 180 workers were employed at ANKA-Draht.

In 2001 Mr. Andreas Insinger left the business to his son. Since that time he has been successfully leading ANKA-Draht Andreas Insinger GmbH & Co. KG as owner-manager, quite in the tradition of its founders.

The drawing-die polishing unit, which also polishes drawing-dies according to customer orders, was extended in 2005. One of the highlights in this year was the new design of the outside facilities, a wonderful scenery with garden pond arose. Since this time the number of staff counts 185 high motivated members. Now the production area has a size of 17,500m².