All wired up!

ANKA-Draht Andreas Insinger GmbH & Co. KG, founded in the year 1971, on a total area of 25.000 m², has a history of success. Our strong performance is based on continual investments in the very latest machine technology. Our reliability, top quality and short delivery periods have contributed towards our clientele becoming regular customers. Individual customer requirements are met just as quickly and reliabily as standard orders. ANKA-Draht's years of experience and unbureaucratic flexibility have always been much appreciated in this respect.

This family enterprises employs around 185 qualified staff who work with our customers' best interests at heart. There are always members of staff available in both production and management to attend to our customers' needs. We produce bright and tin-plated copper wires and stranded conductors only.

ANKA-Draht thus does not compete with its own customers. Our range of supply is constantly optimized on the basis of constant communication with our customers, enabling us to carry out orders on schedule and in top quality.

The company ANKA-Draht Andreas Insinger GmbH & Co. KG is situated in Bavaria. From Neunburg vorm Wald, approximately 60 km eastern of Regensburg and 30 km southern to the border of Czech Republic, our regional haulage contractors supply our products reliable and fast within whole Europe.